La Paloma Featured On Local News

Television news moves pretty fast. I would know! For almost ten years, I was a sportscaster and then a morning news anchor in Lake Charles, Louisiana and then Greenville, South Carolina. So when KGUN 9 News, Tucson’s local ABC affiliate called La Paloma wanting to do a story about our GolfBoards, we couldn’t say no. This time of year, many golf courses in Southern Arizona are still Cart Path Only…


Diary of a USGA Rules Official: Now What?

After a brief hiatus (having a newborn son will do that to you), one of my favorite segments is back! It’s called Diary of a USGA Rules Official, and it’s a by-product of Dr. Robin Farran. Dr. Farran teaches Advanced Rules at the Golf Academy of America in Phoenix and is one of the USGA’s top Rules Officials. The man helps write the book! Several times each month, Dr. Farran emails out different Rules scenarios and…


Course Reviews

Saratoga National Golf Club

Saratoga, New York is probably best-known for two things: the Battle of Saratoga and The Saratoga Race Course in nearby Saratoga Springs. The Battle of Saratoga is often cited as the turning point for the United States during the American Revolutionary War. The Saratoga Race Course, which opened in 1863, is the 3rd oldest racetrack in the U.S. The late-summer paradise for horse-racing enthusiasts is also considered to be the oldest…