After Three Long Decades, Golf Finally Changes Course

The Rules of Golf are constantly being hammered by those who play the game, and rightfully so. They are an easy target. As golf participants and fans of the game, we are often left wondering if it’s the the spirit of the Rule or the letter of the law that should be interpreted. To the sport’s credit, golf’s governing bodies are listening and responding to several decades of grumbling. I…


La Paloma Junior Golf Team Lights Up the Night

The La Paloma Junior Golf Team is now in its 3rd Season (2nd Fall Semester). In the nearly 18 months since we started the program from scratch at the Country Club, the team has grown from just nine juniors to as many as 18! There’s definitely an appetite for structured golf practice and matches just like there is for many of the more traditional sports: football, baseball, basketball, and soccer….


Course Reviews

Saratoga National Golf Club

Saratoga, New York is probably best-known for two things: the Battle of Saratoga and The Saratoga Race Course in nearby Saratoga Springs. The Battle of Saratoga is often cited as the turning point for the United States during the American Revolutionary War. The Saratoga Race Course, which opened in 1863, is the 3rd oldest racetrack in the U.S. The late-summer paradise for horse-racing enthusiasts is also considered to be the oldest…