Caddies Deserve a Cut

February 5, 2015

Several years ago, while I was up in Cary, North Carolina, covering the Champions Tour’s SAS Championship, I ran into a guy at Prestonwood Country Club who was literally running from hole to hole walking off yardages and making notes in what appeared to be a primitive yardage book. I had to ask him who he was and what he was doing. Turns out it was Kenny Harms, who at…


Bill Gates, Bobby Jones & New Irons

February 4, 2015

In Business Management, we watched an A&E Biography on Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates. What a strange guy! A social misfit basically from the age of 12, Gates buried his head in front of a computer, and never left. His business savvy has made him the richest man in America, and he was a billionaire by the age of 31. Now, more than 90% of all of the computers in the…


Meditation & Ball Flight Laws

February 3, 2015

In Attitude & Motivation, we talked about what we observe about other people. Things that tend to get my attention are eye contact and a firm handshake. I also tend to notice how people are dressed. Airports are my favorite place to people watch. Sometimes I’ll just cruise through with my sunglasses on just so I can people watch. Then we discussed types of stress, the harmful effects of stress,…


Match Play Qualifier

February 2, 2015

Today’s Match Play Qualifying tournament was a tough one for me emotionally. My head was elsewhere, and I played like it. Yesterday, a really good friend of mine died suddenly of a heart attack while working out at his home in Tucson. Ken Bank was just 69 years-old. He had no history of heart disease nor did he exhibit any heart-related issues. And now he’s gone. At least he was…