Southern Pines Golf Club

May 3, 2015

My brother is currently stationed at Fort Bragg just outside of Fayetteville, North Carolina. It’s about 45 minutes away from Southern Pines and a little less than a hour away from Pinehurst. I did some research beforehand, and if you want to play the famed Pinehurst No. 2, it’ll cost you $425 plus another $100 for a caddie. Sure it’s old! It was founded in 1895, but it’s not worth…


Todd Sones: Bunker Shots

May 2, 2015

Things must be thawing out in the Chicago area! Todd Sones is a Golf Magazine Top 100 Instructor who works out of White Deer Run about 30 minutesĀ outside the Windy City, and lately, he’s beenĀ sending out video tips related to his Impact Golf School. This week’s tip involves bunker play, something we recently covered in Mechanics of the Short Game at the Golf Academy, so I thought it was timely….