The Most Common Golf Injuries

October 8, 2015

Today, the topic of golf injuries and injury prevention came up in our Anatomy, Exercise, and Biomechanics class with Dr. Jordan Mackner. Dr. Mackner is a chiropractic physician who works out of Golfstretch Therapies in Scottsdale, and he’s well versed in the field of sports performance and rehabilitiation. In addition to working with golfers of all levels, including Tour players, Dr. J is also a certified golf fitness instructor from the…


Rule 13. Ball Played as It Lies

October 7, 2015

Richard S. Tufts served as President of the USGA for two years in 1956 and 1957, but he is perhaps most famous for his role in the Rules Summit of 1951, in which the USGA and the Royal & Ancient agreed to uniformity. Tufts created the standard set-up for championships: tight fairways, graduating rough, and firm and fast greens. Tufts formulated the modern USGA Handicap System of drawing on the…


Club Fitting Variable No. 4: Head Design

October 6, 2015

We are going through the club fitting variables in Golf Club Fitting with PGA Professional Gary Balliet. Over the first few weeks, we’ve covered length, lie angle, and shaft flex. Club fitting variable No. 4 is head design. Different players prefer different clubs based on the way they look, but there’s a lot that goes into designing a club head, and the design influences both distance and direction. Irons Only There…


19 Random Things That Make Fantastic Training Aids

October 5, 2015

We’ve been exposed to a few training aids from time to time while attending the Golf Academy. The golf industry is flooded with them, and while some of them are ridiculous, some of them actually work. There’s even a web site dedicated solely to golf training aids. The thing is, if you know what swing flaw you’re trying to correct, you can probably make a household training aid yourself without having…


Golf Facility Operations Field Trip: TopGolf Tour

October 4, 2015

Friday was one of the most exciting days we’ve had at the Golf Academy since we’ve been there. As part of our Managing Golf Facility Operations and Planning/Organization of Tournament Golf classes, we were invited to take a behind-the-scenes tour of TopGolf in Gilbert. The doors don’t usually open until 9:00a, but we were there bright and early for a sneak peek at 7:45a. The Golf Academy is having a…


dbg on Golf is reporting that Jordan Speith’s caddie made $2.1 million this year. That’s more than 220 PGA Tour players including Tiger Woods and almost as much as Phil Mickelson.

October 3, 2015

Putting With Your Eyes Closed

October 2, 2015

Something strange happened to me at school today. It all started when I asked PGA Professional Ed Ekis to take a look at my putting stroke. Ed is a great instructor. He’s helping me to overhaul my swing this semester, and so far, I’m impressed with what he’s done. His methods may seem unconventional to some, but in my opinion, they’re right on. I’m convinced Ed is a golf savant who could teach every…