Todd Sones: The Shoelace Drill

March 2, 2017

Todd Sones is a Golf Digest Top 50 and Golf Magazine Top 100 Instructor who teaches out of White Deer Run Golf Club near Chicago. I first heard about Todd because of his putter fitting philosophy and then reconnected with him later because of his affiliation with the Golf Academy where he currently serves on the school’s National Advisory Board. In this week’s tip (below), Todd has a great drill to improve your short…


More Rules Changes Coming in 2019?

March 1, 2017

Golf is at it again! This time, I have to give the sport’s governing bodies a lot of credit. The Rules of Golf have always been a problem, but now there’s really a movement to do something about it. This was a popular (and frequent) topic of conversation during our time at the Golf Academy: making the Rules simpler for everyone to understand and easier to apply out on the golf…