La Paloma Junior Golf Team Lights Up the Night

November 22, 2017

The La Paloma Junior Golf Team is now in its 3rd Season (2nd Fall Semester). In the nearly 18 months since we started the program from scratch at the Country Club, the team has grown from just nine juniors to as many as 18! There’s definitely an appetite for structured golf practice and matches just like there is for many of the more traditional sports: football, baseball, basketball, and soccer….


La Paloma Featured On Local News

November 7, 2017

Television news moves pretty fast. I would know! For almost ten years, I was a sportscaster and then a morning news anchor in Lake Charles, Louisiana and then Greenville, South Carolina. So when KGUN 9 News, Tucson’s local ABC affiliate called La Paloma wanting to do a story about our GolfBoards, we couldn’t say no. This time of year, many golf courses in Southern Arizona are still Cart Path Only…