I Guess ‘Hello World’ Huh?

Ah, the now immortal words of Tiger Woods upon turning pro in August of 1996. No one is going to forget that. This is a lot more forgettable, but here goes anyway… I’m turning pro too!

After months of deliberation, my new wife and I have decided to enroll at the Golf Academy of America in Chandler. I say ‘we’ because without her, none of this would be possible. Now’s the time too. We want to start a family, we’re not getting any younger (I’m already 34), and I have to get back out there to start making some money!

The Golf Academy is one of just five schools of its kind nationwide, and after talking to people in the golf business whom I trust, I’ve come to believe that this is the best way to get into the golf business. Students get the most hands-on experience, the campus is state-of-the-art, and the instructors are the most well-connected. I’m really just doing this for the free golf balls at their indoor driving range.

I’ve decided to blog about my experiences over the next 16 months (four, four month semesters) in hopes that other people and perhaps even future Golf Academy enrollees will use it to help them decide whether this is the best path for them. We’ll see.

It won’t be easy. Orientation is tomorrow. Wish me luck. Oh, and check back often.

Here’s what you can expect from danbubanygolf.com:

  • Blog posts highlighting my experience at the Golf Academy
  • Course Reviews – of the more than 40 Phoenix-area courses I will be playing on a weekly basis
  • bOObs on Golf – my thoughts on various aspects of the game
  • Video tips
  • Drills

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