Orientation Day

Orientation Day got off to a 7:30a shotgun start at the Phoenix campus in Chandler. The campus just so happens to be located right next to a PGA Tour Superstore. How’s that for convenient?

Each student must display his name placard during class
Each student must display his name placard during class.

The Golf Academy is very serious about its dress code. Page Two of the Student Handbooks reads, “Men may not wear shorts while in class… hair must be styled neatly. Male students must wear their hair shorter than collar length. Students are expected to be clean-shaven daily; neatly trimmed mustaches are permitted; beards are not.” Case in point: today we got started 10-15 minutes late because one of the students was in the bathroom trying to shave his beard off with a disposable razor provided by the school for such occasions. I guess that’s why you read the Handbook before the first day.

After a 90-minute Rules & Regulations introduction by Campus Director Tim Eberlein, we took a walk around the 30,000 square foot facility.

Campus Director Tim Eberlein goes over the rules and regulations
Campus Director Tim Eberlein goes over the rules and regulations.

Here are just a few of the highlights:

Ranger Rick
Tuition includes range privileges at one of six local driving ranges including Western Skies (Gilbert), Dobson Ranch (Mesa), Bear Creek (Chandler), Ken McDonald (Tempe), Johnson Ranch (Queen Creek), and Falcon Dunes (Luke AFB). We have until January 23rd to decide which range we want to use this semester. I’m leaning toward Bear Creek in Chandler. I’ve hit there before, and the practice facility there is excellent.

Like a Glove
Turns out most golfers have never been properly fitted for a set of golf clubs. It’s been a while since I’ve been fitted. Tuition includes a weekly 30-minute golf lesson with one of the PGA Instructors on staff and can include a club fitting session. Students can also get one complete set of golf clubs from Titleist, Mizuno, TaylorMade, or KZG at less than wholesale prices during the 16 months they are enrolled at the Academy.

ID badges grant students access to the Golf Academy facility
ID badges grant students access to the Golf Academy facility.

Book Em’ Dano
The online student portal is excellent! Here, you can book a tee time (tuition includes one round per week in addition to a Monday tournament round), schedule a lesson, and post scores. I already booked a tee time at Western Skies for tomorrow afternoon.

I plan on posting a review of Western Skies following Friday’s round.

Monday’s tournament round is at Lone Tree Golf Club in Chandler. You get 100 points for each tournament round regardless of how you play based on the following criteria:

10 points – For checking-in no less than 15 minutes before you’re supposed to tee off
60 points – For completing all 18 holes
10 points – For properly applying the Rules of Golf
10 points – For turning in a properly scored scorecard
10 points – For professionalism

I think this might be heaven… or maybe it’s Iowa.


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  1. I love the emphasis the school places on professionalism and professional appearance and conduct. A career in the military will do that to you.

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