A: A four-person team event in which each player hits his/her tee shot and the best shot is selected. The player whose shot is selected steps aside for the next shot. All other players then play the next shot from the position of the selected ball, placing or dropping within one club length of the original ball’s position (and within six inches on the putting green), no nearer the hole. The same procedure is used on all shots, including putts. The process continues until the ball is holed and starts over at the next hole. All players tee off on every hole.

When dropping or placing the ball, the ball must stay in its original condition of play. For example, you cannot drop a ball from the rough into the fairway. When the ball is holed, that is the official score counted for the team.

Threesomes follow the above format, but for the 4th player on each team, the players will rotate hitting a 2nd shot for the entire hole.

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