Rare Occurrence at La Paloma

Three aces: Gibbins, Coxall, and Fazio pose after their rare three-peat.
Three aces: Bruce Gibbins, Chris Coxall, and Tim Fazio (L-R) pose following their three-peat.

In what can only be described as a rare three-peat, three different members made holes-in-one during La Paloma Country Club’s 60-person Men’s/Women’s Golf Association Tournament Saturday.

Bruce Gibbins made a hole-in-one from 128 yards out on Hill No. 8 using a 9-iron. Chris Coxall made his ace with a 30-degree hybrid from 163 yards out on Ridge No. 7. And Tim Fazio made his double eagle on Hill No. 8 from the same distance as Mr. Gibbins, this time with a pitching wedge.

Three in one day… in the same tournament round when there were only 240 possible chances? When was the last time that happened? Congratulations gentlemen!

Troon Golf’s Public Relations Department is currently in the process of reaching out to Golf Digest as well as Tucson’s local newspaper, the Arizona Daily Star.

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