Rules of Golf: Daily Puzzle

This graphic shows
This graphic shows nearest point of relief for both left and right-handed golfers.

PGA Professional Ed Ekis likes to start every Rules class with a Daily Puzzle. Rules of Golf II is about adding a little “meat” to the potatoes of the Rules of Golf. Today’s class was a review of many of the definitions we covered last semester as well as the following the four-question quiz (True/False/List the Rule, Definition or Decision):

1. In match play, if a player plays from a wrong place in taking relief from a cart path, the player loses the hole.
True; Rule 20-7b. Match Play. If a player makes a stroke from a wrong place, he loses the hole.

2. A competitor takes relief from a lateral water hazard by dropping a ball in a wrong place (not a serious breach) and plays the ball. The total penalty is three strokes.
True; Rule 20-7c. Stroke Play. If a competitor makes a stroke from a wrong place, he incurs a penalty of two strokes under the applicable Rule.

Note: A serious breach is defined as a significant distance or position advantage.

3. If a ball when dropped under a Rule lands outside the prescribed area but rolls into the prescribed area, it is properly in play.
False; Rule 20-2b. Where to Drop. A ball when dropped must first strike part of the course where the applicable Rule requires it to be dropped.

4. If a player substitutes a ball improperly or drops a ball in a wrong place, that ball is a wrong ball.
False; Rule 15-2. Substituted Ball. A player may substitute a ball when proceeding under a Rule that permits the player to play, drop or place another ball in completing the play of a hole. The substituted ball becomes the ball in play.

Golf Performance Enhancement
Golf Performance Enhancement is a lot more existential. We’ve spent our last two class sessions discussing how we act on the golf course. Negativity produces bad endorphins. After writing down how far we hit each club in our bags, the conversation shifted to pre-round and pre-shot routines.

PGA Professional Gary Balliet put the following quote up on the whiteboard:
“We are not golfers who happen to be people but rather, we are people who happen to play golf.”

If you play with angry golfers, that negativity is likely to rub off.
If you play with angry golfers, that negativity is likely to rub off.

One of the things we discussed in class was becoming a better person in order to become a better golfer – that one thing can reflect  upon the other. You copy whom you associate with. If you associate with negative people on the golf course, it can’t help but rub off on your game. We talked about being a nice person regardless of outcome and playing with better players because that can rub off too.

What you think with your brain and what you say with your mouth will come to fruition. It’s okay to lie to your subconscious. Sometimes that’s what it takes to pull of an impossible shot. I think this is going to be an interesting class, and at times, a little uncomfortable.


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