In Marketing, Advertising, Promotions, and Sales we are working on a semester-long marketing plan. We can come up with any product we want, real or hypothetical. It’s a lot of work. Then again, it’s a lot of work to bring any product to market, real or not. My group’s marketing plan revolves around a training aid called Emergen-Swing:

The Golfing Rectifier
Emergen-Swing is designed to teach the golfer to swing the club correctly on-plane and on-path, every time.

What is Emergen-Swing?
Emergen-Swing is a portable, lightweight, customizable training aid, designed to teach you to swing the golf club correctly on-plane, on-path all the time, every time.  Emergen-Swing is like having your own golf coach with you. It fits in your golf bag, takes less than a minute to set up, and you can use it anywhere on almost any surface – grass, the patio, even inside on the carpet. The design allows you to easily customize Emergen-Swing to suit your own height, club choice and stance and then practice your swing accurately and consistently.

What does Emergen-Swing do?
Whether you are a beginner, a club player or a pro, a backswing that is on-plane, on-path is the key to greater power, more accuracy and more consistency in your game. Emergen-Swing will ensure you start and finish your backswing correctly and guide you through all the on-plane and path positions from beginning to end. Proven to improve your golf with just 5 minutes practice a day, Emergen-Swing develops your swing muscle-memory, giving you the correct feel and sensations from the top of the backswing, all the way to striking the ball.

The Speed Trap by Eyeline Golf is the closest thing to The Golfing Rectifier on the market right now.
The Speed Trap by EyeLine Golf is the closest thing to Emergen-Swing on the market right now.

Why Emergen-Swing?
So many golfers have trouble with hooks, slices, pulls, or pushes; Emergen-Swing is here to help with that. Emergen-Swing was developed from a simple drill of using two water bottles and aligning them so that you must swing on the correct plane. Being able to swing on the correct plane on a consistent basis is something that every golfer struggles with so this drill was developed and later became the idea for Emergen-Swing. Emergen-Swing forces players to swing on a proper path through the ball. If you struggle with hitting a big hook, you can set Emergen-Swing so that you cannot come so far inside and swing back out to the right. If you are struggling with the slice, set Emergen-Swing up so that the club cannot go to the outside or come from the outside (cutting across it). Emergen-Swing is designed with the idea of muscle memory and forcing the player to make the proper swings enough times he/she remembers it and can take away the device and continue to properly make swings on the correct path.

We’re going to be conducting a pre-test survey to see how the public, golfing and otherwise, will potentially react to Emergen-Swing. Stay tuned.

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