Todd Sones: Play Under Your Body

In the golf industry, posture is a popular topic. Todd Sones is one of Golf Digest’s 50 Best Teachers in America and has been a Golf Magazine Top 100 Instructor every year since 1995. He currently serves on the Golf Academy of America’s National Advisory Board and says when it comes to playing posture, it’s easier to play golf under your body than around your body.

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At address, Brooks Koepka’s arms hang naturally underneath his shoulders.

Todd says golf is a side-on game, meaning that your target is to the side of you. If you stand up too tall, you’re forced to play the game around your body. Your timing has to be impeccable to release the club along the target line (and not too early or too late). There is no margin for error.

If you tilt forward from the hips with your shoulders back and your arms hanging naturally and tension-free underneath your shoulder line, your hands and arms face the target a lot longer. Even if you release the club early or late, you still have a chance to release it toward the target. That’s why it’s easier to play golf under and not around your body. There’s more margin for error, and you’re less reliant on perfect timing. And here’s the most interesting thing – your playing posture with all of your clubs should be virtually the same. Tilt from the hips and keep your arms underneath your body.

To find the athletic posture that allows you to play golf underneath your body, take a club and tilt forward with your knees slightly flexed where you feel like you could do a dead lift. That should be your playing posture. Watch Todd show you the keys to executing these shots with confidence, and if you like what you see, be sure to check out Todd online at


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