Todd Sones: What All Great Players Have in Common

At impact, all great players
All great players release the club just after impact.

In the game of golf, impact is known as the “moment of truth.” Golf Magazine Top 100 Instructor Todd Sones, who runs the Impact Golf School at White Deer Run Golf Club outside Chicago, has studied the golf swings of all the great players in the World Golf Hall of Fame and says there’s one common denominator : they’re all different. Todd will tell you that there’s more than one way to swing the golf club, except when it comes to impact. At impact, great players are all pretty much the same.

Here’s what Todd says all great players have in common at impact:
* They start with their legs -no one in the hall of fame starts his downswing with his upper body. The head stays behind the ball. That’s what creates lag. The downswing starts from the ground up.

*They release the golf club just after impact. This might come as a surprise to you. Releasing the club after impact produces a slight forward lean of the shaft (especially with the irons), which helps trap and compress the golf ball.

*They always finish on their lead leg. There is no shot in golf in which the player finishes on his trailing leg. Todd also includes a drill here to help you feel what it’s like to be balanced on your left side.

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