Video Tip: Simple Chipping Technique


I am honored to have been asked to do video golf tips every couple of weeks for the La Paloma Country Club Facebook page. To be honest, this kind of thing is right up my alley since I was a television sports and news anchor for almost ten years. In fact, I used to air weekly golf tips on my sportscasts during the slower summer months.

The simple chipping method I demonstrate in this video is a technique I first learned in the many golf lessons I received over the years and have since refined through my time at the Golf Academy of America and the many lessons I’ve now given myself.

Just follow these five steps:
1. Put you feet together – the ball should be between your two big toes
2. Open up your lead or front foot
3. Grip down on the club about an inch
4. Lean your hands slightly ahead of the ball – this encourages a slightly descending blow
5. Rock your shoulders – chip with your big muscles; keep your wrist and hands firm

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