What’s In My (Staff) Bag?

The Apex CF 16 irons feature Callaway’s industry-leading Face Cup in a forged iron.

Being on staff with Callaway has been a great experience so far. It has also meant an almost complete overhaul of my bag from one manufacturer (Titleist) to another. In case you missed it, here’s a link to my Epic fitting experience at the Ely Callaway Performance Center in Carlsbad back in March. And, as a result of that fitting, here’s what’s in my bag:

Specs: Callaway Apex CF 16 (4-iron through PW bent one degree strong, True Temper XP 95 S300, standard length and lie angle, Golf Pride New Decade MultiCompound blue grips).

Now, I love the feel of these irons, but it took me a while to get used to the sound and the larger sole width of these clubs. Because they’re bent one degree strong, I find I get a little more distance out of them without having to swing harder.

Specs: Callaway GBB Epic Sub Zero (9.0 degrees, draw bias, 45.5 inches, Aldila Rogue MAX 65g S-flex).

I started out with the Project X HZRDUS Yellow 65g, but when I got back to Arizona, it felt heavy and hard to swing. Thankfully, we had an Aldila Rogue MAX in one of our demos, and once I hit it, I knew it was the right one for me. Plus, it matches what’s in my fairway woods.

Fairway Woods
Specs: Callaway GBB Epic 3+ wood (13.5 degrees, Aldila Rogue MAX 75g S-flex) Callaway GBB Epic Sub Zero 5-wood (18.0 degrees, Aldila Rogue MAX 75g S-flex).

The 3-wood is 15 degrees, but the 3+ wood is 13.5 for a little more distance out of the same-looking head and exact same shaft.

Callaway’s MD3 Milled wedges have 3 grinds and 3 grooves to give you the versatility for every shot, course condition, and swing.

Specs: Callaway MD3 Milled Chrome (50 degrees bent one degree strong to 49, 10 degrees bounce, S-grind; 54 degrees, 10 degrees bounce, S-grind; 60 degrees, 8 degrees bounce, C-grind; True Temper Dynamic Gold S200 Tour Issue, standard length and lie angle).

Originally, I started out playing the Mack Daddy Forged Slate wedges but ended up making a change because I didn’t like the straight leading edge after having been used to playing the Titleist Vokey series. The MD3 Milled wedges have a much rounder leading edge, which seems to fit my eye.

Specs: Scotty Cameron Select Newport 2 (33.25 inches, 4 degrees of loft, 70-degree lie angle).

As a Callaway Professional Staffer, I’m contractually obligated to play at least 12 Callaway clubs. That hasn’t been an issue. This putter is the one club I simply couldn’t swap out. When I went through my fitting, we settled on an Odyssey O-Works V-Line Fang CH, but again, when I rolled it back home, it just didn’t fit my eye. Turns out it didn’t really match my stroke either. Switching to a fang-style head would have been a major departure for me as I’ve always played a Scotty Cameron Newport or other blade-style model.

I play the Callaway Chrome Soft. I used to play the Titleist Pro V1, but I find the Chrome Soft to be exceptionally soft around the green and into the green. It really bites! It’s also costs about $8 less per dozen. Oh, and I prefer to go unmarked if at all possible.

What’s on my bag? That’s our new son Asher! Doesn’t he look happy?

Club (Carry Distances Coming Soon)
3+ wood
50 (49)

Blogger’s Tip:
Usually, when you get a new set of clubs, the lofts and lies are all off. Even if you order a customer set following a fitting, they can vary significantly. That’s why I always recommend that you get them checked once they arrived. My clubs were no different. There were all just a little off.

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