Diary of a USGA Rules Official: MSR Credits

January 19, 2018

In order to keep their PGA Certifications current, PGA of America Members are required to accrue a certain number of Member Service Requirement (MSR) credits each year. One way to do this, at least in the PGA’s Southwest Section, is to attend a Rules of Golf Seminar with Dr. Robbin Farran at the Golf Academy of America in Chandler. Dr. Farran teaches Advanced Rules at the Academy and is one of…


Callaway Golf Rogue Trip!

January 17, 2018

I have to give the folks who specialize in marketing at Callaway Golf a lot of credit. They not only find ways to generate buzz in their products online, by word-of-mouth, and on social media, they’ve been taking those products on the road roughly 60 times per year for the past five years to introduce their sales force to their latest product offerings. Last year’s big unveiling was touted as…


PGA Level 2 Battery Study Guide

December 16, 2017

This is the study guide I put together for the four-test PGA Level 2 Test Battery. It’s my attempt at condensing 487 pages down to almost 24. I’d much rather study this than all that! Feel free to copy and paste it so you can print it out to study. There are at least 15 formulas you should memorize for Merchandising and Inventory Management plus the dozen or so swing weight…


Becoming a PGA Member: Steps 9 & 10

December 15, 2017

Welcome to the rinse and repeat stage of the PGA Class A Certification process! For those of you scoring at home, Level 2 is exactly like Steps 6 & 7 in Level 1 once you get to the Work Experience Portfolio and the Portfolio approval process. Here are some words of wisdom: once you submit your Portfolio to a PGA Education faculty member for grading, start studying. The goods news is…


Diary of a USGA Rules Official: Incident Reports

December 14, 2017

On the heels of a landmark decision by golf’s governing bodies, the USGA and the R&A, Dr. Robin Farran is blasting-out even more Rules scenarios. Dr. Farran teaches Advanced Rules at the Golf Academy of America in Phoenix and is one of the USGA’s top Rules Officials. Many of stories you’re about to read actually happened! It’s just that the names have been changed to protect the innocent: Any Penalties? Incident 1 Player A…


After Three Long Decades, Golf Finally Changes Course

December 11, 2017

The Rules of Golf are constantly being hammered by those who play the game, and rightfully so. They are an easy target. As golf participants and fans of the game, we are often left wondering if it’s the the spirit of the Rule or the letter of the law that should be interpreted. To the sport’s credit, golf’s governing bodies are listening and responding to several decades of grumbling. I…


La Paloma Junior Golf Team Lights Up the Night

November 22, 2017

The La Paloma Junior Golf Team is now in its 3rd Season (2nd Fall Semester). In the nearly 18 months since we started the program from scratch at the Country Club, the team has grown from just nine juniors to as many as 18! There’s definitely an appetite for structured golf practice and matches just like there is for many of the more traditional sports: football, baseball, basketball, and soccer….


La Paloma Featured On Local News

November 7, 2017

Television news moves pretty fast. I would know! For almost ten years, I was a sportscaster and then a morning news anchor in Lake Charles, Louisiana and then Greenville, South Carolina. So when KGUN 9 News, Tucson’s local ABC affiliate called La Paloma wanting to do a story about our GolfBoards, we couldn’t say no. This time of year, many golf courses in Southern Arizona are still Cart Path Only…


Diary of a USGA Rules Official: Now What?

October 17, 2017

After a brief hiatus (having a newborn son will do that to you), one of my favorite segments is back! It’s called Diary of a USGA Rules Official, and it’s a by-product of Dr. Robin Farran. Dr. Farran teaches Advanced Rules at the Golf Academy of America in Phoenix and is one of the USGA’s top Rules Officials. The man helps write the book! Several times each month, Dr. Farran emails out different Rules scenarios and…


PGA Level 2 Seminar: Day 5

August 25, 2017

How’s this for a “good morning?” Erik Nielsen (PGA) came to the front of the ballroom first thing this morning and suggested we check-in for our Saturday morning flights right away. My return flight takes me back through Dallas-Forth Worth (DFW), and Hurricane Harvey just happens to be a bearing down on the Texas coast. Great! I can’t help but think back to my return trip last year and the problems…