Putting Quiz Answers

The other day, we looked at some putting stats from the PGA Tour last season and why the short game is so important. Sixty to 65% of strokes are played from 100 yards and in (43% of those are putts)! Harvey Penick, one of the greatest golf teachers of all time, believed that 90% of practice time should be spent on the short game. Here are the answers to the quiz on the crucial elements of putting:

1.) Aim = Putter face angle; both at address and at impact; crucial to accuracy

2.) Path = A slight arc that decreases as you get closer to the hole

3.) Rhythm = Applying consistency with varying lengths of stroke

4.) Green Reading = Difficult to teach, acquired skill over time

5.) Power Source = From the upper arms, not the wrists and hands

6.) Routine = Consistency with this reduces tension

7.) Stability = Necessary in the lower body for accurate putting

8.) Putter Fitting = Proper length should allow arms to hang freely below shoulders

9.) Attitude = The most important aspect in putting is believing that you’re a good putter

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