Q: What’s a FLYING LADY?

A: A four-person team event in which teams are selected using A, B, C, and D handicap players. Holes are assigned. On the assigned hole, one player will play the pink ball, and the remaining players will play their own ball. The pink ball will rotate among the team members each hole. For example: on the first hole, Player A hits the pink ball, on the second hole, Player B hits the pink ball, etc.


At the completion of each hole, the pink ball score will be recorded as the team score. Teams must complete all 18 holes with the pink ball and return the ball to the Committee. If your team loses the pink ball, continue playing using the same format and record your team score. Teams that lose the pink ball are still eligible to win the “lost ball” division but must complete nine holes with the pink ball.

Three-person teams will follow the same format, but a blind draw will be used for the 4th score.


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