Todd Sones: Finding Your Natural Anchor Point

Todd Sones says there's a simple test to determine your natural anchor point.
Todd Sones says there’s a simple test to determine your natural anchor point.

Anchor points are how we use the ground during the golf swing. You have to push off at a certain point to create force. If your feet were off the ground even by just a couple of inches, you couldn’t swing the club. Anchor points are how you use ground force, and they determine how much speed you can generate during the golf swing.

Those are the words of Golf Digest Top 50 Instructor Todd Sones, who also serves on the Golf Academy of America’s National Advisory Board.

Todd says different players have different anchor points during the golf swing, especially the backswing. There are three anchor points: the left leg, the right leg, and centered.

Left leg anchor players turn from that point. Right leg anchor players feel like they’re pushing down into their right side as they go back. Some players are really centered, keep their head still, and anchor around the center of their body.

There’s a simple test to help you determine your natural anchor point. Todd learned it from Mike Adams and says if you try to get your swing to move in a way that’s different from your natural anchor point, you won’t be successful.

Find your anchor point. That’s the feeling you want to practice when you swing. Don’t try to do something you’re not capable of because it’ll never work when you take it out to the golf course. It’s what’s right for you, not what’s right for everybody else.


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