Todd Sones: Finding Your Natural Putting Stroke

At the Golf Academy, we’ve learned that 83% of the initial direction of the golf ball in putting is due to face angle, and that the other 17% is due to swing path.

There's not much face rotation in great putting strokes like Steve Stricker's.
There’s not much face rotation in great putting strokes like Steve Stricker’s.

Todd Sones is one of Golf Digest’s 50 Best Teachers in America and serves on the Academy’s National Advisory Board. He says, “Great putters don’t think about what the putter is doing during the stroke.” Todd says that the path should be inside-square-inside, that your natural putting stroke is the one that comes out when you aren’t thinking mechanically, and that there’s no much face rotation in great putting strokes. Reference Steve Stricker. You want your attention to be on the hole, not your putting stroke.

There are two things that control the way the putter head swings naturally (without having to think about it):

* Your shoulders in relation to the target – they should be parallel to the target line
* Your hands in relation to your shoulders – too far from the body or too close to the body changes the swing path and creates tension

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