Video Tip: The Proper Golf Grip


I have been asked to record video golf tips every couple of weeks for the La Paloma Country Club Facebook page. A few weeks ago, I demonstrated a really simply chipping technique.

This week, I’m talking about the importance of the proper golf grip. The grip is our only connection to the golf club, yet it’s the one thing I see most amateur golfers doing incorrectly.

I prefer the neutral golf grip. This allows you to hit the widest variety of shots: draws, fades, and straight balls, and it aligns your hands directly with the club face. When looking down at a neutral grip, you should be able to see two to two-and-a-half knuckles on your left hand (for right-handed players).

If the club head is 12 o’clock on a clock face, your left thumb should be pointing to one o’clock. Your right thumb should be pointing to 11 o’clock. This part of the grip, in my opinion, is not up for debate. What you do on the underside of the grip is up to you. Whether you choose an interlocking, overlapping, or ten-finger grip is personal preference.

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